How to Start a Blog

Blog2Many reasons may necessitate you to start a blog page. However, figuring out how to make a successful one may seem challenging at first. So, in case you are wondering on how to create a blog, this is the best place to acquire the prerequisites. The objective of this article is to expound on the steps required to set up and make your blog successful.

Creating a successful blog page requires you to follow some steps. Understand the main reason behind the venture. Some of these reasons may include: earning extra coin while working from home, exposing your career or business, or authoring a book. Ensure you have a passion for writing before investing your resources and time. Once you consolidate all the required materials, follow these steps.

  1. Decide on the subject

If you are a part of an established organization or venture, this step will be easier to achieve. In such a case, the blog should concentrate much on the services and products that you offer. As an individual, you will be more flexible on the type of topic that you choose. Pay attention to these factors whenever you are deciding on the theme to debate on.

  • Blog about a subject that you enjoy
  • Select a niche that allows you to establish as an authority.
  • Blog about a debatable subject
  1. Choose the blogging platform

There are a variety of services that you can use to start a website or a blog page. Some are paid for while others are freely provided. In as much as you may be tempted to use the free services, you need to know that in most cases, you won’t have control of what you post. Free blog pages do not allow you to advertise anything thus denying you the opportunity of earning from your page. In other cases, the blog page will be shut with no reason or explanation. To avoid these challenges, consider using the blog that you will pay for. In this blog, you will have an easy name to remember and which you select. In the actual sense, it is not expensive to pay for a blog page as you only require $10 to pay for a blog page

Word Press, Blogger, and Tumblr are the highest rated blog platforms. WordPress is however, the biggest of all and the one that you should consider using. Unlike other platforms, it allows content sharing and your reader can comment directly on your post.

  1. Find a host

For you to get server space, you need to select a host. In simple terms, the host allows others to get to your site on the internet. The best hosting companies that you should select are those offering the “I click installs” or the instant installation for the forum and blogging software. All this makes it possible for a person with little or no experience at all to get great content up fast.

Also, if you want your website to be up and running so quickly, and you have little or no technical help or skills, select Go daddy’s website builder. It allows you to select the designs and themes of your choice, do some customization and have your website up in the shortest possible time. The service has a free mobile version of your blog site installed.

Choose the appropriate plan that you want to kick off with. Personally, I would advise you to use the Plus plan as it enables you to access more features without tapping out quickly. Note that all plans will come with a free domain that will last for a year. When under a tight financial schedule, the appropriate plan for you would be the Basic plan that you can upgrade later.

  1. Select a domain name

A domain is your web address. You may be having a domain or not. In this screen, choose either the existing domain or a brand new domain. If you have the previous account, enter it to the right and worry not as it’s main use is for account identification only. In case you do not have the domain name, enter it on the left and according to the tips provided. Ensure that you use the correct extension of your choice; you can select it from the drop-down menu just beside it.2016-06-28-1467144390-9166476-blogging

Whenever possible, use the following tips to select a domain name

  • Make the domain name easy to spell and say
  • Use .com whenever possible
  • When unsure what to use, opt for your name
  • Do not include hyphens, confusing word strings, obscure words and numbers
  • Be creative and get a name that is easy to remember
  1. Enter the account details

On this page, enter all tour accounting information. Be careful and use an active email account, as all the login details will be sent here. Select the account plan package based on the advance that you need to pay. Remember to check the domain protection privacy to keep all your confidential details private. Fill in your billing credentials and then submit, skip the updates pop up and check your email for your logins.

  1. Recap

If you entered a new domain name in stage 4, anyone could type it on the browser and your blog page will automatically appear. If you used an existing domain, you have to change the name servers to direct it to the new site. Once the changes are saved, all the visitors will be sent to the new site by your domain


Congratulations, you are the legit owner of a self-hosted blog page. At this point, the list of things you can do is endless.

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