Blogging 101: Tips for Social Media and Blogging

20151111140508-social-media-icons-iphone-network-business-communication-webSocial media has become part of our lives and bloggers are now using it to drive traffic and build audience. Some notable social media platforms include Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, StumbleUpon and YouTube. Although some platforms such as Twitter are limited to a few characters, they are really important and should never be ignored. Other platforms such as Facebook allow for longer word counts, which helps to attract new visitors and engage regulars. Here are some of the best tips for social media blogging.

  1. Displaying social media icons

Whether you are an aspiring or established blogger, you need to make use of the power of social media icons by displaying them on your website. Make sure that the icons are clearly visible by your audience by placing them towards your website top. Once a visitor has clicked on one of the icons, they should be directed to the relevant social media profile. It is wise to come up with an excellent design for your social media icons because this will reflect your blog.

  1. All your blog posts should have their own Facebook Page

Although Facebook has created a new subscription feature, it is still wise to give blogs their own Facebook space. You don’t want to annoy your friends with new posts every now and then. In addition, some readers may not know your name on Facebook, but can still look out for your blog on Facebook. Facebook social plugin is another important Facebook feature you should take advantage of. It allows for easy and fast conversion of readers to fans.

  1. Start using StumbleUpon to generate trafficsocial-media-plan-networks

This is a ‘recommendation engine’ that serves the function of a browser. It allows its users to visit pages that have been recommended by their SU friends. Similarly, SU may itself recommend pages to its users. You can easily share your blog posts with SU friends and submit them on the SU system as well. Just like any other social media platform, you will require a large following base for the best results.

  1. Make good use of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a platform that allows you to connect with other professionals. Therefore, you should make use of LinkedIn to showcase your professional objectives. Consider importing some of your RSS feeds into your profile using the available blog link application. In most cases, LinkedIn will pick your newest posts to display on your LinkedIn profile. This will ensure that your followers view you as the professional you are.

  1. Pinterest is a great social media platform for bloggers

Pinterest has in the recent past turned out to be the best platform for bloggers. For this reason, bloggers are now working tirelessly to have their presence in this amazing platform and reap the benefits. It allows you to pin photos onto Pinterest boards that have amazing themes with links to the relevant blog posts. Blogs that have strong visual content such as food, fashion, travel and design fit naturally. You will also find infographics very helpful. To make things easier for readers, make sure you use Pinterest plugin so that readers can share contents on their boards.

  1. Make use of link shorteners

Some social media platforms such as Google+ and Facebook are not concerned with your links’ length, but Twitter can now shorten your links. Using link shorteners such as, allows you to access metrics and discover the number of people who clicked on your blog and the time of click. This will help you come up with a strategy on how to craft your posts and when to post.

  1. Use the name of your blog as your username

Using the name of your blog as your username allows you to promote your brand. Use it as your StumbleUpon name, Twitter handle, Facebook name and Pinterest name. Your visitors will not wonder about the name of your blog.

  1. 2016-05-31-1464729988-1324956-productive_bloggingConsider joining Facebook blogger groups

There are many active Facebook blogger groups that can serve as great resources for all your blogging issues. Some well established blogger groups include Global Bloggers Network and Travel Bloggers. Blogger groups are not only great in solving blogging issues, but you get a chance to read some of the best blogs done by other bloggers. Consider conducting some Facebook research to find some of the best blogger groups for you to join. You may as well start your own blogger group.

  1. Exercise some degree of generosity to other bloggers

Generosity to other bloggers is very important in blogging. Start promoting the contents of other bloggers and they will reciprocate the favor. For example, retweet other bloggers’ content on Twitter or re-pin or share on your Pinterest and Facebook walls respectively. This will give you an opportunity to learn the different tactics used by other bloggers and you stand a chance to reach more audience as well.

  1. Consider being on social media almost all the timeBlogging-tools

Sometimes, social media may not drive the amount of traffic you are looking for. However, this should not frustrate you and prompt you to stop posting on social media. Instead, if you feel that things are not heading at the right direction or they are not the way they should be, consider increasing your social media presence. Moreover, you will be in a position to find inspirations for your next posts and stay updated with industry trends.


Almost all of your target audience have two or more social media profiles. Therefore, start using the available social media platforms to promote your brand. You will be able to increase on traffic and your readers will always be on the lookout for your next post. Blogging

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