How to SEO your Blog

affordable-seo-packagesHow to SEO Your Blog Content

A Blog is discrete information published on online pages and global websites. SEO on the other hand, refers to search engine optimization, a module commonly used by online marketers to advertise their products. Businesses use SEO companies that provide optimization services to help ready their pages for search engines. Gaining search rankings for your blog is invaluable and is the best way to get good quality traffic to help make sales.

Any business entrepreneur must desire to have their products reach large populations in the world by making good blogs. This has always been done overtime. However making good blog content is not just enough. There comes in the need to search optimize your blogs to make sure they reach to as many people as possible while adding more weight in their ranks to the results of a search engine. The question is, how do we search optimize our blog content? Here are some tips:

  1. Keyword Research

To achieve effective optimization, you need to perform keyword research. It is the process of looking for the keywords that suits your blog. Several tools and techniques can be used to find keywords that are important to your blog posts. One good example is the Google’s Adword keyword tool that helps you find the keywords that are relevant to your blog and even helps you realize the keywords that your competitors are targeting or intending to use.What-is-SEO1

It is important that you shift focus on long-tail words that are key to your blog. This is because users who may be searching for long-tail words are absolutely more high-tech and qualified. To make sure you never goes off of the topic of your blog, it is advised that you search only a few of the keywords to avoid complication and confusions during the blog making process.

  1. Put your keywords to work

After performing a keyword research, comes the time to practice the terms in your blog. It is crucial to fix the words where they will have a greater impact enough to catch your clients and other search engine spiders. A combination of two or more words should make a very useful tool to win the attention of the users. For example, amongst all the keywords, you may use two of them together in either as a word or a phrase inclusively in a sub-title or even a title head. Usually, make sure it is within the first words of Google cut off points (in the first 65 words) that the keywords appear. A good blog that is search engine optimized has no keyword stuffing. That is, repetitive use of the keyword that actually distorts the information and sometimes to an extent of making a blog non-consumer friendly.

  1. Optimize the URL

Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is one of the most crucial part of a given blog. It forms the foundations that search engines ever uses to know the content or information contained in a certain blog. This blogs provides unique platform to optimize each blog post by URL. Optimizing URL with keywords gives a lifetime potential reach of a given blog post.

  1. Blog image optimization

In case you want to upload any images into your blog, always be sure to include the keywords targeted in the file name. A rich description of the image entailing keywords should also form an alternate section of the blog.seo-wallpaper-widescreen-3633wtz4bm

  1. Referencing information links

Importantly to note is when it comes to blog posts, it is very important to mention research information contained in other websites. In addition, adding/including a link directing to these information is key. You should not ignore adding the links to the page of reference. The good thing of doing this is that apart from being a very smart blogger, you may get a link back from the referrer thereby increasing your search engine optimization rank. If by all means that the links sent back are of good quality, they might become one valuable resource in attaining higher ranks.

  1. Mobile responsive

Every blog made should be mobile friendly. This implies that their displaying mode should fit even in the smaller screens with less heavy operating systems. Why would this be so?

Most people in this era even in developing world are able to afford a mobile phone that can be able to peruse through the internet for several reasons. Therefore, making your site more usable by optimizing it to a level that somebody may access it over the mobile is an added advantage. Actually, with the invention of smartphones and tablets, most people have preferred to use them while accessing information from the internet. Reason being they are cheap to use and easy to operate at close eyes as well as being very portable.

  1. Utilize social media

3-Blue-SEO-Idea-hd-wallpaper-1920x1080The social media serves as a very good platform to gain relevant connections. The social media covers Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ among many more. Using the social media to linkup implies that the chances of boosting up your blog by reach, is high. In fact the social platform is very important in SEO.

However, unlike websites, the social media requires high frequencies of posts. Actually should be many posts daily but with moderation to avoid boredom. Thus, if in case you don’t have time to access the site so that you can make posts, it is advisable that you employ someone to post on your behalf-perhaps a trained person or a professional.


The future of every venture, whether large or small depend on the way a subject is ranked not only in the search engine rankings but all in the society in general. The above tips therefore offers very important skill on how to manage your blog posts so that they can be optimized for high ranking.

About the writer: Francisco Leon de Vivero Toronto SEO Specialist, became passionate about Search Engine Optimization in 2007, after obtaining a Master’s Degree in International Trade. An Entrepreneur, team player and problem solver with over 8 years of experience providing solutions to clients in the marketing and technology industry. Francisco has an extensive knowledge of SEO and SEM, working with renowned brand